About Aroha Srushti

Splash around in a lake with friends. Swim, boat and fish in the clean and pristine Bheema river. Let yourself run unfettered in open fields under bright light skies. Play cricket or lagori on an open farm just like old times Or strike your gold in an indoor game of Carom or Cards in Bamboo Houses. Feel the breeze ruffle through your hair as you stand on a traditional Machaan. Pick your own vegetables and try your hand at roasting a Bhakri on a Chulha. Enjoy a barbecue and a filling sumptuous home-cooked dinner with vegetables grown right here on the farm. Chat, sing-along and dance around the warm bonfire at night. Lie on the ground viewing the twinkling velvet night sky, enjoying a lively background score by a thousand crickets! Retire to a cosy and luxurious bamboo house for the night. Or pack yourself up in a tent!
An hour’s drive to Talegaon Dhamdhere and you can have the best One-day or Overnight Stay on a farm ever. Of course, there’s much more to Aroha Srushti than this. One trip here will be an amazing memory forever! That’s a word.

About Founders

Well, I hope a little in depth knowledge about me would be better, since I don’t really make the image of a farmer that you have in mind. I have the same life that any person from Information Technology field has. With a commerce background and six year old animation firm to run I was trying to churn out a dream living.
This transition from animation firm to agri-farm happened when I visited my ancestral property (NAME) which is 30 kms from Pune, connected me back to my roots. I wanted this feeling of oneness with nature to be shared with as many people as possible and thus like a rising sun Aroha Srushti descended.
With a B.Sc degree, I help Amit in making the tourism center a world-class experience. I knew this opportunity of agro-tourism would give me a deep insight into this ethereal world of farming of which I am somewhat aware. This would also give me a chance to be close to nature and enjoy its benefits.